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From tees to greens and fairways to roughs, as well as the landscaping around the golf course, Protene® granular fertilizers and soil amendments are the solution for cost-effective and environmentally responsible plant nutrition.

Protene® Organic and Sustained Release golf course fertilizer products save you time and money while protecting ground and surface water from nutrient loss through our patented granulation processes.

For courses large and small, our granular fertilizers requires no new investments in equipment – simply effective, efficient and effortless turfgrass nutrition that provides unequaled performance for you and the customers who play your course.

Maintain A Sustainable Sports Field

Sports fields are subject to a lot of demands, from heavy wear and tear to the appearance of the turfgrass. Sports turfgrass nutrition requires strong root mass which provides for regulated growth while maintaining superior color response.

As a sports field fertilizer, Protene® granular products are ideally suited to a well-balanced turfgrass nutrition program. For over a decade, Protene® Sustained Release Technology has saved field managers time and money. The Protene® fertilization program allows for fewer inputs and provides for the most environmentally-responsible solution to your fertility program.

Whether it’s a field for soccer, baseball, football, rugby or lacrosse, Protene® granular fertilizers are the sustainable choice for turfgrass nutrition.

Help Make Your World Greener

Most people view landscaping purely as beautification, but it’s so much more. Landscaping provides green spaces in municipalities, prevents soil erosion, converts carbon dioxide into oxygen … and yes, adds color and texture to parks, golf courses, commercial property and residences.

Protene® granular fertilizers and soil amendments provide essential nutrients for turfgrass and plants – while providing the highest degree of cost effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

Protene® Organic and Sustained Release products are environmentally friendly and economically smart.

Why You Should Use Protene® Sustainable Technology

Protene® fertilizer provides plants and root zone microbes with a steady sustained source of nutrients.

Protene® Sustained Release fertilizer utilizes a proprietarily unique homogenous granular technology. Sustained Release technology provides a constant nutrient input to the turf after application ensuring all essential nutrients are made available over a 90-day period. In contrast, many competitors’ products are quick nutrient release products. Granulated quick nutrient release products results in turf requiring more frequent applications ever three to four weeks as compared to Protene® products 90 day sustainability.

Economics of a Sustainable Fertilizer Vs Quick Release Fertilizers


Traditional granular fertilizers release all of their nutrients in a relatively short time, leaving the turf in a feast-then-famine situation. Competitor high-end fertilizers promote slow release nitrogen which is a moderate improvement but still does not address the sustain release needs of other plant nutrients. Protene® is one of the only products on the market that provides a sustained release of all nutrients.




Protene’s® proprietary granulation method ensures granular integrity throughout the duration of the fertilizer performance period normally 90 days or longer depending on climatic conditions, and varying soil types.

Protene’s® commitment to quality starts when we synthesize our own liquid methylene urea in process to ensure consistent uniformity, quality and purity. This vertical integration separates Protene® products from the majority of competitors who buy solid methylene urea as a raw material. Other manufacturers pan granulate or granulate components together in a rotary drum using a water soluble binder to form granules.

The two big problems with this technique are the inconsistency in the blending and granulating of the components, and the water soluble binder releasing the nutrients quickly and inconsistently. The diagram below demonstrates a possible remaining structure of a pan granulated fertilizer after irrigation.


Diagram 1. Pan Granulated MU fertilizer with phosphorous and potassium and a minors package


Diagram 2. What’s left after a heavy downpour or over-irrigation?

How Protene® Differs From Competitors Products


Protene® uses a propriety process that bonds the liquid methylene urea with other essential nutrient ingredients during the granulation process. The end result is a totally homogeneous granule that is bonded together by the methylene urea! Our process ensures nutrient uniformity and cohesion of the granule unlike fertilizer granules which are formed in the presence of water soluble binders.

All Protene® fertilizers will release a proportional amount of all nutrients as the nitrogen component is metabolized by microbial activity in the presence of moisture. The mixture of short and long chain methylene urea molecules provides for controlled release of nutrients to obtain initial green up response and while also guarantying sustained availability of all nutrients. The bigger proportion (up to 73% of the nutrients) will release over a period of 90 days or longer, depending on variable climatic and soil conditions. Protene® Sustained Release Technology puts any professional in environmental and economic control of their fertilizer program.


Diagram 3. This is a 20-0-5 + 4% Fe + minors Protene® granule that will release nutrients evenly and predictably


Diagram 4. As water begins the process of nutrient release microbes initiate the sequential release of the macronutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium); secondary nutrients (Carbon, Calcium, and Sulfur) and Micronutrients. Granular integrity is maintained throughout the life of the fertilizer due to the methylene urea bonding.

Whether you are a golf course superintendent, a sports turf manager or a landscape professional, Protene® Sustained Release fertilizers are the right choice if you are looking for a responsive, environmentally safe, and economic solution to your fertility program.

Contact your Protene® distributor to discover how making the change to Protene® can benefit your turf and landscape plants – and your budget.

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