Applying Science For Plant Growth And Environmental Responsibility

Our goal at Protene®is to provide the highest-efficiency fertilizer available in the market. This means more than cost-efficiency (though that is one important aspect); it means environmentally friendly plant nutrition and fertilizer based on agronomic principles of feeding the plant and enriching the growing environment.

Through our partnership with ANTG Research & Development, a world leader in nutrient science, and using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, Protene®delivers on our promise of high-efficiency grass fertilizer.

Our team includes chemists, biochemists, agronomists, manufacturing specialists and plant growth researchers, all working toward plant nutrition solutions that are easy to use, are ecologically responsible, and provide optimum value for your investment.

From our laboratories in Virginia, to golf courses, sports fields, parks and lawns across North America and around the world, our commitment to being the most reliable fertilizer manufacturer is demonstrated in continual testing and product improvement.

Protene®products reflect our dedication to growing practices that are sustainable in all aspects – extending your input dollars further, protecting the environment, and helping your plants achieve their full potential.

Contact your Protene® distributor to discover how making the change to Protene® can benefit your plants – and your budget.

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